You Can Now Play A Game As A Shithead Goose That’s Out To Ruin Lives

Sometimes when the harsh realities of life kick in it’s nice to be able to escape by sinking a few hours into whatever console takes your fancy. Sometimes, you need to manifest your rage at the world in the form of a goose and absolutely wreak havoc on anything and everything that comes your way.

That’s the idea behind the latest game to come to the Nintendo Switch. Succinctly titled Untitled Goose Game, UGG follows one very simple idea: there’s a lovely, peaceful village and you’re an absolute cunt of a goose.

The game comes from Australian publisher House-House, and looks set to be available on the Nintendo Switch and computers from early 2019.

It’s a slapstick-stealth-sandbox game that appears very similar to Goat Simulator, one of the finest games to ever grace our consoles. You have to complete tasks like steal hats, ruin laundry and generally be a bit of a dick.

If that sounds like a barrel of laughs, the game will be out in the near future.


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