Bullied Kid Refuses To Fight Back Because It’s Not The Jedi Way

It’s easy to become an incredibly cynical person who only seems to find the worst in the world (believe me, I am one), but sometimes one innocent child comes along that reminds you that there is good in the world… and that Star Wars is pretty fuckin’ sick.

A fifth-grader from Desert Springs, California over in the States recently ended up in the hospital due to him not fighting back because apparently, “It isn’t the Jedi way”.

I’m pretty sure getting your arsed handed to you by a bunch of 10-year-olds isn’t the Jedi way either, but it’s a decent little excuse to throw out next time you get walloped.

Aiden Vazquez, the boy in question, said that he was called named, beaten and had someone try and steal his backpack while he was at school.

He had to get several stitches to close the cut on his eye, which his Mum shared a photo of on Facebook.

The school said that Aiden was involved in a similar incident last year, but hopefully, once the other kids realise he’s swanging Jedi powers around it’ll be the last.


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