XXXX Gold Is Being Pulled From Origin In Favour Of VB & Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

If there are three certainties in life, you can always rely on death, taxes and huge crowds of Queenslanders sinking an unfathomable amount of XXXX Gold at a sporting event.

So this year, everyone’s scratching their heads to figure out why someone, somewhere thought it would be a grand idea to replace Queensland’s favourite beer for the Brisbane leg with that of a state who aren’t even bloody involved in the Origin: Victoria Bitter.

The surprising changeup comes as part of the NRL’s sponsorship deal with Carlton United Breweries, which will see them try to flog VB as the ‘Beer of Origin’ and expect us to forget the last 60 or so years of XXXX Gold advertising.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, NSWRL boss David Trodden said “It’s certainly not ideal.

“Obviously we’ll look to be supportive of our commercial partners and supporters, give them the best experience they can during Origin. We’ll be looking to do that during the course of the series.

“We all operate in the same market and it’s certainly not ideal to be positioned where you have to face one of your competitors leveraging opportunities in the same market.

“It’s common sense to understand that position. We’d prefer that was not the case but there’s not much you can do about it, unfortunately.”

We might still be able to snag a Gold in one of the various marquees surrounding the action, but it certainly looks like the end of an era for one of the most memed Aussie beers.


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