Burn The House Down ‘Cos This Mouldy Airbnb Microwave Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

If you ever rocked up to an Airbnb that looks more like a haunted house than somewhere to live, than you’ve probably felt the gut-wrenching horror of opening the microwave to discover some sort of alien object.

While a bit of dirt and dust might seem pretty shit for your romantic getaway, one group discovered some mould that straight up looks like it’s out of a horror movie.

Delish editor Lindsey Ramsey had booked an Airbnb for a recent stay and upon arrival discovered that it was absolutely fucking grouse.

I don’t even know how that thing is real, it looks like a miniature black hole that sucks every disgusting particle in the world into that microwave and binds it together so it can become a source of immeasurable evil.

“As I said in my story, I have NO IDEA what it was,” Ramsey told MUNCHIES. “We were so terrified we got the hell out of there before investigating further. All my best guesses are in my story, but also MAKE NO SENSE of items you’d actually put in a microwave.”

She reckons that she Airbnb provided a full refund, but no amount of money can shake the feeling that something like that is out there.

As for what the mysterious mould actually is, we’ll probably never know.


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