Woolies Are Backpedalling On Their Plastic Bag Policy ‘Cos You Lot Won’t Stop Abusing Staff

This whole shift from plastic bags to reusable ones in supermarkets is a lot like studying for an exam you know you’re absolutely fucked for: we all knew it was coming, but we don’t really know what we’re actually going to do when the dreaded day arrives.

Unfortunately, it seems that many people have stuck their heads in the sand praying that the good ol’ sharehouse bin liner isn’t going to set them back a whopping 15 cents.

As a result, poor Woolies workers are copping some abuse from people who don’t know how to read signs or think that a 17-year-old cashier has any authority over a massive corporation’s policy changes.

For the next 10 days, shoppers in hoppers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia will still receive new, reusable bags for free.

Customers have been moaning that the whole thing feels like a money grab from Woolies, as well as the bags were too small and forgetting to bring them all together.

Customers complained about having to pay for bags at the checkout, not having enough space in their own bags or simply forgetting to bring them.

According to the Herald Sun, Woolies managing director of supermarkets Claire Peters said “This will not only help support customers as they work to form new habits but also ensure they’ll have reusable bags available for shopping at Woolworths.”

This comes as Coles announces that they’ll still be rolling out with the new policy on July 1st, but will be opening all checkouts in an effort to reduce wait times from people moaning about the new changes.

I feel that a lot of you don’t need to be told this, but for the people that do: find somewhere else to release your pent-up rage and disdain for life other than a supermarket cashier.


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