That Bloke Who Threw A Mega Cooked House Party Is Going To Be On Ninja Warrior For Some Reason

Australian Ninja Warrior is absolutely exploding in popularity and for that reason, even armchair viewers who haven’t exercised in over 2 years reckon they go have a red hot go given the right circumstances.

Remember that certified legend who threw the house party that birthed the Project X movie, and then got on TV with absolutely zero remorse and said if you’re throwing a party get him to do it for you?

Well, apparently while he’s been paying off that $2oK fine, he’s also been getting hella buff and reckons he’s ready to give the course a bloody red hot go.

Host Ben Fordham said “There’ll be some people who will hate the fact that he’s back on their TV screens again but at least this time he’s not being a smart-arse to Leila McKinnon.

This time he’s actually doing something worthwhile, he’s using his body and his mind to try and beat the Ninja Warrior course.

It’s the ultimate Where Are They Now?” Fordham told “This guy was there one minute and gone the next and I don’t think anyone has probably given too much thought to him in the meantime … But he has been doing something behind the scenes since then because he is buff!

Apparently, he even applied for the audition process himself and wasn’t approached. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep his iconic glasses on during the run, which should be recognised as a national tragedy.

I’m not sure that he kept them on [for the full run] because if they had fallen off mid-obstacle and had hit the water it would have been an instant disqualification. I’m pretty sure he threw them over at Freddie Flintoff who wore them while Corey was going through the course,” said Ben.

The upcoming season of Ninja warrior has seen a whole heap of hype for its return on the 8th of July, and the prize money has been doubled to a whopping $200K.


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