Psychic Octopus That Predicted Japan’s World Cup Run Sent To Fish Markets Following Their Exit

If your life depended on how well you could do your job, we’d either see the highest ever levels of efficiency in Australia or quite a lot of people would be killed.

It’s a pretty harsh thought, but take a minute to appreciate that an Octopus that correctly predicted Japan’s World Cup run has had an untimely meeting with the fish market.

Rabiot, a giant Pacific octopus caught in Obira, Hokkaido, correctly predicted that Japan would beat Colombia, draw with Senegal and lose to Poland, which earned it a whole heap of acclaim and fame in Japan.

You might think that animals predicting World Cup results is becoming a bit of a recurring theme, and you’re bloody well right. In 2010, Paul the Octopus became an international sensation after predicting Spain’s iconic run to the final, with a heap of other animals being forced to channel their psychic powers.

Rabiot’s method of prediction saw him have to swim to whichever basket of food he fancied, each one depicting a different result for Japan

Sadly, it seems that harnessing psychic powers isn’t quite enough to halt a trip to the fish market, as Rabiot was killed and sold for food just as the games were getting underway.

You can’t help but think it must have affected Japan’s World Cup chances, as they lost 3-2 to Belgium after going up 2-0.


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