Spotify Users Are Trying To Cop A Refund After Being Bombarded With Drake

It might surprise the big wigs at Spotify to know that while Drake is indeed a very popular rapper loved by many, there is still a considerable majority of people who don’t want him shoved down their throats at every possible opportunity.

In a bid to promote his new album, Spotify thought it would be a grand idea to plaster him over every single playlist, regardless if his music was actually involved or not.

Premium Spotify users are livid that they’re paying for an ad-free version of the service and still have to suffer Drake’s annoyingly smug face, even going as far as to request a refund for the month from Spotify.

Apparently, Spotify issue refunds on a case by case basis, so you’d have to get in contact yourself in order to see if your eligible for a months refund.

Ah well, at least it birthed some spicy memes in the process.


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