Oh Fuck Yeah: Syd Woman Scores A Year’s Worth Of KFC After Getting A Cheeky Tat At Schoolies

If you told me that I’d be able to cop free food from my favourite fast food establishments simply by getting their corporate logo tattooed on my body, I’d be walking around looking like a human billboard while munching on some popcorn chicken.

One Sydney woman did just that. After arriving at Schoolies a bit before check-in, Brooke Collins and a friend thought up the grand idea of getting matching KFC tattoos.

Apparently, she and her friend “both had a bond over KFC during year 12, and both wanted to get matching tattoos at Schoolies”.

“I ended up making a status to see if we would get a certain amount of likes and we would get it, and obviously we did,” she said.

“So we got to the Gold Coast and had time to kill before check-in, and basically went and got the tattoos after being at schoolies for not even half an hour! The tattoo shop people honestly could not believe us when we asked for what we wanted.”

As part of being crowned “Queen of Chicken 2018”, Brooke receives a pretty substantial $100 a week to spend on KFC, translating to $5,200 a year or 458 three-piece boxes.


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