Women Over 85 Are Probably Happier Because Their Husband’s Dead, Psychiatrists Say

Love is cursed. I say that as someone who is yet to suffer the bitter resentment that worms its way into every relationship; that special kind of animosity you see flickering in the eyes of middle-aged couples wherever they go.

But I know it’s only a matter of time.

I know that one day I’m probably going to hate my significant other, and they’re almost definitely going to hate me because humans fucking suck and the surest way of reaching that conclusion is to spend an extended period of time with any one specific human. By marrying them, for example. Til death do you part.

And it looks like the science might be with me on this one. A recent mental health survey concluded that women become progressively happier during their later years, with their overall happiness peaking from the age of 85 onwards. Why is that? Well, according to psychiatrists, it’s probably got to do with the varying amount of responsibilities and burdens that women carry throughout their lifetime.

Also because their husbands are dead.

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Up until their mid-80s, women typically tend to be more unhappy than men, the survey found. But once those twilight years come around and the ball-and-chains start dropping off, the old girls really seem to hit their straps.

This is, of course, just one theory. But it’s a theory that’s been recognised by the dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Kate Lovett, and so one that deserves at least some measure of serious consideration. Also, given the parasitic tendencies of male humans in general, it probably holds more than a little bit of water.

Men, amirite? Can’t live with them, can very happily live without them.

Source: The Times
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