Minion Torments Home Owner Online After Stealing Chunk Of His Beloved Front Lawn

When Minions first burst into our lives with the help of 2010’s Despicable Me, they were a quirky and cute addition to a wholesome family-friendly movie, and people couldn’t get enough.

Fast forward to 2017 and it’s safe to say that Minions have become a blight on our very existence, I can barely close my eyes without one of the little yellow fuckers pushing themselves into my subconscious.

Well, the one-eyed bastards have gone too far this time, one of them decided it would be a grand old time to steal a chunk of lawn, the bloody filthy animals.

Bradley Nicklin posted a video on Snapchat detailing how proud he was of his front lawn, as any red-blooded Australian with too much time on their hands should. It backfired fairly quickly, however, as he awoke on Sunday nursing a hangover and missing a portion of his prized front lawn.

“I noticed it was done with a shovel, not an animal, so I went through the [CCTV],” he told the West Australian.

“We couldn’t stop laughing.”

It didn’t end there, the minion continued to torment Bradley on social media, posting an array of photos and videos with his beloved property.

“I’ve got a funny feeling it’s one of my mates because I sent a Snapchat earlier that weekend saying how good my grass was,” said Bradley.

Well, it turns out he was bloody well right. One of his mates decided to prank him after he caught him getting a bit too big for his boots. Classic stitch up, eh?


Source: GWN7 News.


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