Father Hires Virtual Hitmen To Kill Son In Video Game So He’d Get A Life

It’s a tale as old as time, fathers being bitterly disappointed in their sons who don’t seem to share the same worldview and spend their time doing absolutely jack shit.

Previously, fathers would come home furious that their son hadn’t done any hunting that day. Now, they come home mad because their deadbeat child has been sitting on Call of Duty masturbating and sculling unhealthy amounts of mountain dew.


So, for any fathers out there who feel like their son needs a bit of a shakeup, take note of what one Chinese dad to his game-addicted son just a few years ago.

In 2013, a legend going only by the name of Mr Feng decided it was high time his useless son got off his arse, stopped playing video games and went and found a job. So, he didn’t what any loving father would do and hired virtual hitmen to continuously kill his son in the game.

His son finally asked the assassins why they kept targetting him and figured out that his father might have some explaining to do.

“It’s not going to do much for family relations,” Prof Mark Griffiths, a gambling and addictions expert at Nottingham Trent University told the BBC.

“I’ve never heard of that kind of intervention before, but I don’t think these top-down approaches work. Most excessive game playing is usually a symptom of an underlying problem.”

“I’ve come across very excessive players – playing for 10 to 14 hours a day – but for a lot of these people it causes no detrimental problems if they are not employed, aren’t in relationships and don’t have children.

“It’s not the time you spend doing something, it’s the impact it has on your life.”


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