Watch This Bloody Nutter Fly To Maccas On A Giant Fan

We’ve all felt the sting of some severe Maccas craving. Usually, it occurs when you’re curled up in the fetal position on a Sunday arvo and can only whimper for a Big Mac while you drown in the self-pity of being a hungover piece of shit.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way that you could harness the power of the winds themselves on your quest for some greasy, heart destroying food?

Well, YouTuber Tucker Gott decided to do just that when he got his new fangled flying machine, a paramotor for those playing at home, and jetted over to McDonald’s just in time for a feed.

“People often ask ‘can you fly that thing to work/school/the store?’ Although it’s not really practical to do daily, I sometimes find an interesting place to land. This McDonald’s had a nice grass field that begged for a landing. Luckily, the local citizens found it intriguing and didn’t call the cops,” said the YouTuber in the video’s description.

The video starts with that typical easy-listening lo-fi music that most videos do, so you know its gonna be an absolute treat. Old mate then proceeds to fly through the sky like a majestic bird in search of a burg, and honestly, it’s a beautiful watch.

Have a gander below, and please excuse me while I go find myself a paramotor.

Source: Youtube



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