Watch People In The Philippines Lose Their Shit Over $0.25 Burgs

Burgers are pretty damn great. Cheap food is also pretty damn great. So when you combine the two to create an unbelievably cheap burger, it’s not exactly surprising that humans collectively lose their shit over a cheap piece of meat.

Which is exactly what happened in the Phillipenes recently, when much-loved burger chain Zark’s decided to celebrate their 8th anniversary by selling their v popular burgers for just 8 pesos, or a whopping $0.25 dollars.

Looks delicious, but one thing Zark’s failed to advertise was that the promotion was only available to its first 80 customers in-store. As you’d expect, people turned up in droves and the line went around the street.

Then the doors open and, well, let’s just say things got a little bit out of hand.

The burger chain then issued a response via social media concerning the completely fucked lines.

“We at Zark’s Burgers express our deep gratitude for the mammoth response to our P8 for first 80 customers in-store promo to celebrate our 8th anniversary. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience experienced by patrons and other mall shoppers unintentionally brought about by this celebration that was intended to thank all of you for 8 years of loyal support and patronage. We would also like to thank all officers, mall managers and security teams for ensuring everyone’s safety.”

It’s a dangerous world out there, but who can only say they wouldn’t risk it all for some cheap burgers.



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