Very Unlucky Man Dies After Getting Trapped Under A Cinema Seat While Looking For Phone

Losing your phone in a movie theatre is a bit of a shit situation, if it hasn’t already become stuck to the velcro-like floor then you’d better hope you’ve got a search and rescue team on standby because that fucker is almost impossible to spot in the dark.

One fella who lost his phone under a seat at Birmingham’s Star City Vue Cinema ultimately ended up losing a lot more when he became trapped under his seat at the end of a movie.

Apparently, the bloke became stuck under his footrest and subsequently went into cardiac arrest as paramedics were called. He was only able to get out after on-lookers broke the footrest.

Ambos were able to restart the man’s heart and then took him to a hospital, unfortunately, it was revealed that he died shortly after.

In a statement, Vue Cinema said “a full investigation into the nature of the incident is ongoing.

“Our thoughts and condolences are with the family who have our full support and assistance.”

Birmingham City Council also stated that they would be looking into the incident and conducting a full formal investigation.

It’s unclear if the incident was just a freak accident or if the chairs have compromised structural integrity, but one thing’s for certain: I’m never sticking my head under a cinema seat for as long as I bloody live.

Image: ABC


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