Parcel Addressed To ‘Farm Up A Long Driveway, Near Pub’ Miraculously Gets Delivered

One of my wanky friends who believe in star signs and chakras or some other bullshit reckons that the universe can feel your energy and it essentially tosses back what you put in.

Well, if this next tale is anything to go by I may as well stop giving a shit completely and let the universe work its magic.

Tammie McGrath works in the New Zealand village of Cust’s post office, and she recently received a letter that was literally addressed as “a farm, situated up a long driveway with cows, opposite a pub or thereabouts”.

Not exactly the clearest instructions, so Tammie hopped on Facebook in order to solve the mystery.

“I could tell it had been written by an older person and I just thought, well, I’ll hang on to it for a couple of days before I send it back and see if I can find who it belongs to,” McGrath told Guardian Australia.

“A couple of hours after I posted it on Facebook, a man came in and said, ‘I think we own this parcel.’ He gave me his details and said his name was Philip, and that while he didn’t live across from a pub, he lived down the road from one. He also showed me a card with a picture of his property on it, which showed a field with cows on it. He isn’t actually on Facebook, but people who know him who are on Facebook showed the post to him.”

Apparently, the package was sent by a lil old lady who likes to sew but is nearly blind, and must have stuffed up the address when sending it.

“This little old lady went to all the trouble to send this package, and I am glad we were able to help her to get it to the right place,” McGrath said.


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