Grab A Slurp Juice Ya Horndogs Cos Fortnite PornHub Searches Are At An All-Time High

I was once hesitant to give Fortnite a go, it kind of felt like the passing trend of the month and something not worth investing too much time into. Now, I’ve sold my house to pay for virtual currency and my wife and kids have left due to my constant streams of verbal abuse.

But hey, I’ve won at least 3 games so I’ve gotta be doing something right.

It appears that Fortnitemania has seeped into all aspects of our lives, including the bedroom. Pornhub recently revealed search insights for the game and honestly, I had no idea people were so keen on Fortnite porn.

It appears that searches boosted right up after the match between Drake and Fortnite celeb Ninja, who set a viewership record a few weeks ago.

On top of regular searches for the game, there are some rather hilarious and extremely specific offshoot searches as well.

Thankfully, Australian’s can hold their heads up high because at least we’re not like Finland who absolutely bloody froth the stuff. That being said, coming in at 11th in a competition no one wants to win isn’t exactly an achievement either.

The obvious next step is to incorporate Fortnite into VR porn, so I can finally charm the one-eyed snake while also getting shot at. How good!


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