Japan’s Death Defying Slowest Roller Coaster Just Derailed And No One Even Realised

A derailed rollercoaster is simultaneously one of the most exciting things to occur in the known world and also something that I live in constant fear of happening to me.

However, when the roller coaster can barely go faster than a brisk jog, even the staff who work there have a hard time appearing concerned.

Just get a load of Arakawa Amusement Park’s “Family Coaster”, I’ve seen quicker descents from disgraced cricket players.

It’s clearly a pretty chilled ride for little kids and their parents, but when a wheel derailed from the line it suddenly left 7 adults and 12 children dangling 16 feet in the air.

And then, as if to add to the confusion, staff members began trying to push the train and hit it with hammers to get it going again, all the while not telling anyone on the ride what the fuck was going on.

After about 50 minutes everyone was safe and thankfully no injuries were reported, you just have to deal with the mental trauma of being trapped on a kid ride for 50 minutes while staff members try and hit you with hammers.

“Why did they start hitting it with hammers? They should know people on Japan’s slowest roller coaster are easily frightened,” said one passenger.

Now, those involved in the incident are v fairly asking for the amusement park to have a look at what the hell happened.


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