DMX’s Lawyers Are Keen To Blast His Songs In Court To Try And Sway The Judge

I can’t imagine a better feeling in a courtroom than if the judge asked you to give your defence and you responded by getting up, plugging in the AUX and setting the place on fire with your own songs.

Which is exactly what the lawyers of rapper DMX are planning on doing when he awaits sentencing for tax fraud. Apparently, DMX avoided paying over $1.6 million over the last five years and as you’d imagine, Uncle Sam ain’t happy.

“I failed to file taxes,” he told U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in December. “I’m responsible, even placing other people in charge of it.”

DMX’s prosecutors are fighting for a five-year prison sentence so they “send the message to this defendant and others that star power does not entitle someone to a free pass.”

However, those sneaky lawyers have a trick up their sleeve, and that trick is trying to sway the judge by pumping some classic DMX tear jerkers.

“It is raw Earl (DMX),” said attorney Murray Richman. “We are not here or desirous of moulding him into what some may want to see; Earl is uniquely him and that is both his beauty of mind and his genius.”

Apparently, they’ve already sent through anthems like “Slippin” and “The Convo”, I wonder if they’ve all sent through the delightful bop known as “Bring Your Whole Crew”

I got blood on my hands and there’s no remorse

And got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse
― DMX – Bring Your Whole 


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