Get Keen Cheapskates, Heaps Cheap UberPOOL Option Rolls Out Next Week

It’s 2018 and I for one am fucking sick of people who claim to not have Uber on their phone. We’ve all got an internet connection you frugal wanker, and I am most certainly not paying for your 4 am ride home because you “can’t figure out how to turn your data on”.

The epidemic of mates not hitting you back for lifts have gotten pretty bad, so Uber looks to be tackling things with the introduction of a new eco-friendly and cost-effective mode dubbed “UberPOOL”.

Essentially, UberPOOL teams you up with random people that are heading the same way as you, and allows you to carpool with them in order to save some dollary-doos.

It’s gonna be beaut for all you poor folks out there who face astronomically priced trips home, ‘cos now you can share the burden with some other delightful peeps who just so happen to be heading home at 5 in the morning.

Uber Australia & New Zealand GM Henry Greenacre spoke on some of the benefits of the service.

“UberPOOL makes it easy and affordable for people going in a similar direction to share the trip. It’s carpooling at the push of a button. That means cheaper rides for passengers and less congestion on the city’s streets over time.

We’re excited to finally bring uberPOOL to Australia to kickstart a new wave in the share economy that will help our cities move more efficiently over time.” he said.

The new mode rolls out in Sydney from April 3rd, and there are surely plans to get it up and running in other cities as soon as possible.


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