Aussie Fella Who Got Stabbed In The Back Went Straight Back To The Pub And Kept Drinking

It’s fairly well known that we Australian’s are a casual bunch, but I don’t think you can get anymore laidback than deciding to polish off your schooey at the pub while a uge fuck off knife sticks out your back.

According to a police spokesperson, two men were having a bit of a scrap at the Beerwah Hotel when they were kicked out and brought the action out onto the streets.

The 20-year-old Beerwah man allegedly stabbed the older Caboolture man in the back while they continued the fight, but that didn’t appear to affect old mate as he finished up the brawl and headed straight back to the pub for some more mother’s milk.

I’m guessing he walked back into the pub and several people promptly screamed and told him to get sorted out, because soon after he finished his bev he called the police to sort it out.

He was then transported to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital for his injuries, where they found out that a SUBSTANTIAL amount of alcohol was involved in the incident.

Colour me surprised.


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