Ultimate Dad Forces His Kids To Generate Electricity So They Can Fang Video Games

It’s typical of parents to try and limit how much fun their kids can have, through bull shit time limits and threats of locking the Playstation away for the week, I felt like I was in some sort of cruel and unusual prison as a child.

One American looks set to go one step further in the race of who’s kids can hate them the most, with a fairly unconventional method of limiting his children’s time on the Wii.

YouTuber Jeremy Fielding got a rowing machine that he found on Craigslist and hooked it up to a Wii, making it so that if the rowing machine stopped for long enough, the Wii would turn off.

I know, I know, pretty evil stuff.

Thankfully, Jeremy chucked in a couple of batteries that hold a charge while they swap out rowers so that the game is actually playable.

It definitely looks like more work than your average game of Wii tennis, have a gander down below and skip to 7.37 for the juicy stuff.


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