Office Hero Finds Out Who’s Stealing Food And Swiftly Serves A Big Ol’ Plate Of Justice

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than people who think it’s alright to steal food out of an office fridge. If you’re like me, dreams of what you’re having for lunch pretty much keep you going through the day, if someone ripped that away from me I’d be ready to throw down, I tell ya.

Well, stand-up comedian and writer Zak Toscani experienced a bit of an issue with food thieves lately, so he hopped on Twitter to document the tale for the whole world to see.

Things started to heat up after old mate watched the tape and cracked onto who the culprit was.

Well fuck me, that was a rollercoaster. But at least we finally know what happened to the mysterious shrimp, and that some people are serious cold-blooded psychopaths.



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