A Truck Carrying Over 1 Million Chicken Nuggets Has Crashed, Much Like My Hopes And Dreams

‘Tis a sad, sad day my friends. A day that has seen a tremendous amount of heartbreak and mourning already, and I’ve only just stumbled out of bed.

A truck travelling to Melbourne and containing a whopping 20 tonnes of nugs has unfortunately crashed on Melbourne’s Hume Freeway, delaying travellers and sending tiny golden nuggets everywhere.

Apparently, it all kicked off late last night when the truck collided with an unoccupied car parked in the emergency stopping lane.

Consequently, all hell broke loose and Victoria Police Sergeant Dean Pickering said the car “was demolished. In fifteen years of the Highway Patrol I don’t think I’ve seen a car that badly damaged.”

“The B-double has crossed onto the wrong side of the road, taken out centre barriers and has ended up sideways on the outbound lanes of the freeway,” Sergeant Pickering said.

“We’ve had a pretty good outcome all things considered. The truck driver has very minor injuries, off to the Northern Hospital just for some observation but he’s looking in pretty good shape.”

Thankfully, everyone came out relatively unscathed. That is, of course, unless you enjoy chicken nuggets otherwise you might be scarred for life.


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