This Bar Will Kick Out Anyone Who Says “Literally”

A few years ago, the world had a bit of a love affair with using the word “literally”, then we promptly fell out of love and now anyone uttering the word is mocked viciously.

Of course, there’s a certain group of people who act like the word doesn’t have a place in common conversation, and they absolutely wild out when someone has the nerve to say it.

Take, for example, The Continental, a bar in New York which has previously come under fire for their very selective door policy. Now the bar is in trouble for a poster telling people that they’ll be kicked out if they even dare say “literally”.

“Sorry but if you say the word ‘literally’ inside the Continental you have 5 minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave,” the sign reads. “If you actually start a sentence with ‘I literally’ you must leave immediately!!!”

The signs v fair and understandable reasoning is that “literally” is the most overused and annoying word in the English language as if that’s supposed to make everyone hush up and watch what they say from this day forward.

The bar’s owner Trigger Smith doesn’t seem to fathom why people don’t like his sign, while also not seeing how some could perceive the sign as mildly sexist as it alludes to a particular group of women.

“Anybody who knows me knows I’m a feminist who supports women’s rights and is 100 percent behind this whole ‘Me Too’ thing,” he said. “I guess people will find an issue in anything.”

Or maybe they don’t want an over-controlling bar owner telling them what they can and can’t say.

Source: Munchies



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