Buddhist Monk Caught Stashing 4 Million Meth Pills in Monastery

“Don’t shit where you eat” is not, as it turns out, a major tenet of the Buddhist faith. In other words, don’t mix business with pleasure. And if you’re in the business of Buddhism, definitely don’t stash 4 million methamphetamine pills in your very own monastery.

A Buddhist monk was caught doing a big old shit where he ate in Myanmar last week, after police pulled him over near the border of Bangladesh and searched his car. Here they stumbled upon some 400,000 meth pills. After a subsequent search of the monk’s monastery, anti-drug police found 4.2 million more, along with a grenade and ammunition.

Image: Rakhine State Government / EPA

“This is not a normal case,” said Kyaw Mya Win, a township police officer. “When we were informed that the monk was arrested, we were all shocked.”

A major cornerstone of the so-called ‘golden triangle’, Myanmar is one of the largest producers of opium and heroin, as well as methamphetamine, in all of Asia. The breaking bad Buddhist’s stash would have made him close to $5 million AUD on the street.

Image: International Business Times

He has since been questioned by police, and will have his ‘monkhood’ revoked in light of the charges. The director general of the Religious Affairs Ministry, Soe Min Tun, acknowledged that it’s not every day you run into a meth-dealing monk – but it’s also not entirely outside the realms of possibility.

“It is not a very common case, but not impossible to happen,” he said. “What will happen to the monk is that he will have to give up his monkhood right away and face trial as an ordinary person.”

Source: NBC
Feature image: Cultural Marxism


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