This Bar Will Discount Drinks Based On The Height Of Your Heels

It’s fair to say that women get the fairest shake of the sauce bottle when it comes to drink discounts. Bombarded with free entry, guest lists and enough cheap drinks to kill a small horse, we’re fairly used to seeing girls finesse a night out for cheap. Now it looks like a bar in Japan is taking targeted gender marketing to dizzy new heights.

My Place, located in the Hilton Osaka, is encouraging its female patrons to chuck on a pair of heels instead of some tired old converse by offering discounts based on the height of their heels.

Discounts start at a cruisey 5 centimetres (2 inches) for a whopping 10 percent off, from there prices rise at increments of 5 percent for every additional 2 centimetres of heel. Seems like an absolute bargain for saying you just have to put up with some severe discomfort for an evening.

Those that are either incredibly brave or ridiculously broke can decide to rock some 15-centimetre heels and provided they don’t collapse in the street the moment they get out the Uber, they’ll be treated to a staggering 40 percent off.

It’s a fairly strange promotion and most likely stems from the idea that an abundance of women in high-heels will class up the place and hopefully bring in some high-spending blokes that are just longing for a woman with a few extra artificial inches of height.

Many have spoken out about the sexist nature of the promotion, claiming that it’s not really on to offer discounts to women for appearing to be more promiscuous. That being said, it’d be a damn good opportunity to save a few bucks if you were going to wear heels anyway…


Source: Munchies

Image: Hilton Osaka


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