Ordering ‘Extra Olives’ At This Pizza Place Will Get You Cocaine Instead

While drive-thru drug dealing sounds like a combination of two your two favourite things – disgustingly tasty food and a bloody good time – they’re surprisingly illegal, and combining the two is generally considered a bad idea. It’s not uncommon to hear about some Burger King employee sliding a few extra nugs someone’s way, but dishing out nose-beers with someone’s evening pizza is something else.

Which is exactly what a Papa John’s in Washington was supposedly doing, when they were caught slinging cocaine out of pizza boxes in the restaurant’s car park, with local police cracking down and arresting several people last week.

After hearing word that a local pizza place was dealing people coke on the low almost six months ago, police launched an investigation into the restaurant called “Operation: Extra Olive”. Which honestly, sounds like the name of a shitty Adam Sandler movie.


According to a King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, undercover detectives would drop by pretending to fiend for a fix. Each time they ordered a pizza, they’d ask employees to “give it extra olives” and copped some cocaine.

“What the detectives would do is they’d order pizza and go out and wait in the parking lot,” King’s County Sgt. Cindi West told CNN. “The employee would bring the pizza out and in the box would be the cocaine.”

Detectives wrapped up the months-long investigation and executed several search warrants in the area. Police raided the place and found that employees had hidden drugs in the cash register, sinks, and soap dispensers.

Police raked in about $28,000 in cash, along with a bunch of coke, ecstasy, weed, meth, acid and oxycodone for evidence. Sounds a bit funkier than your average Supreme toppings. They made five arrests, including two staff who worked there.

Customer Victoria Edwards told local news “You don’t give it any thought, and you don’t think like—Is my pizza going to be covered in cocaine today?” She went on to say that the bust wouldn’t stop her ordering from the restaurant, but she’ll be sure to taste-test the slice from now on. Of course she would.

Police said the store’s managers were pretty cool with helping with the investigation, as they had absolutely no clue that the store was basically a drug takers paradise. As you’d expect, Papa John commented and said that it was totally against their police, which is fair enough.

Unsurprisingly, the employees have been fired.

Source: Vice

Image: The Disk Oak Creek


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