Couple Orders Pizza From UberEats, Inexplicably Gets Mouldy, Half-Eaten Sandwiches Instead

Ah UberEats, a true testament to the belief that going outside sucks and we’re all better off lounging on the sofa instead. Usually, ordering UberEats results in a tense 45-minute wait followed by a sheepish delivery driver dropping off a bag of goodies that has been inevitably knocked around a bit by the journey. You might expect your food to be a tiny bit soggy or wilted, but expecting a delicious pizza and receiving what looks like the remains of Frankenstein’s lunch is a bit bloody rough.

Last weekend, Anna Kotlikova and her boyfriend, Blake Weinzettl, ordered pizzas and soft-drink from Montana’s restaurant, which is only down the road from their house. They expected a routine UberEats delivery, but the driver rocked up more than half an hour late after following a bizarre route and bearing food that belonged at a nuclear waste facility.

When the pair looked inside the bag, they were greeted with two mouldy sandwiches- one which had a bite taken out of it – a couple of vaguely potato looking round disks and a salad that looks sadder than anyone at University after week 4.

As you’d expect, the couple were fairly perplexed as to what actually happened to their food, but when they hit up Uber for an explanation all they got was a scripted corporate response and a $25 voucher. Presumably, so they could cop a few more unidentifiable potato disks.

Montana’s general manager Sathes Kumar was equally confused by the switch up. He told local news that the store received a similar complaint that night from another customer who’s food turned up looking a bit worse for wear. Sathes is adamant that the food was all good when he gave it to the driver, and definitely not rotten or in the shape of a sandwich.

According to UberEats, the driver had no prior complaints and a pretty respectable rating of 4.8 out of 5. Speaking to Munchies, an UberEats spokesperson said: “UberEATS is committed to helping deliver quality food from our restaurant partner.” They went on to say that “We are reviewing this order and are continuing to work with the restaurant and the driver to help understand what may have happened. We have removed this driver’s access to UberEATS as we look further into this.”

So there you go, next time you’re about to devour a seedy UberEats feed, make sure that it was actually made this century.

Source and image: CBC



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