Have Two Bowls In The Morning With This Smokable Cereal Bowl

Very rarely does an invention rock the world with its pure originality and innovation. While we’re getting pretty damn good at inventing technologies that aim to ease the highly-intense lifestyle we follow, we’re not quite there yet. Sure, things like the internet and chicken nuggets are pretty dope, but can I chuff a fat cone while getting stuck into a bowl of fruit loops with my wifi router?

Well, that’s where Ryan Hart and his ingenious new invention, the Breakfast Bowl, comes in. Old mate Ryan had the terrific idea of combining two of life’s greatest things, weed and breakfast cereal. His invention removes the middleman by taking a run-of-the-mill cereal bowl and merging it with a fancy water pipe, creating a single smoking and eating efficiency powerhouse.

The idea has been floating around stoner communities for a while now, but Ryan was the first budding entrepreneur to begin selling the contraption back in April. Speaking to Munchies, Ryan said, “The production of The Breakfast Bowl Pipe came from my uncontrollable need to have one.”

“I had seen various designs of combination-eating-bowl-and-water-pipes on the internet, and it was love at first site. After days (and days) of being possessed by the thought, and not being able to find a vendor who actually sold them, we decided we needed to contribute to the community and have these made.”

The Breakfast Bowl will run you a cheeky $89 plus shipping, but can you really put a price on sinking a cone while demolishing your morning Weetabix?

I know I can’t.

Source: Munchies

Image: Ryan Hall


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