Some 19-Year-Old Russian Dude Is Facing 5 Years In Prison For Memes So RIP Him

Despite hosting a fairly incident free FIFA World Cup that showed the world Russia is capable of being a relatively normal country, they’ve now reverted back to their old ways and are hauling people off to the gulag for simply saving memes.

That’s right, SAVING memes and not even creating them.

Daniil Markin, a 19-year-old film student from Barnaul, the main city in Russia’s Altai region is now standing trial for saving several memes mocking Christianity to social media platform VKontake (VK).

One day last year, anti-extremism police forced their way into Markin’s apartment with a search warrant, seized his electronic devices and whisked him away for interrogation.

Officials advised him to come clean in order to receive a light sentence, however that looks pretty damn unlikely.

They made him go through almost 1,500 pictures and explain why he had the images, which you can imagine, would be pretty damn embarrassing if it was your parents let alone Russian police.

Markin was then placed on a financial watch list, which meant he wasn’t able to use his bank account anymore. Now, nearly a year later the case is finally moving to trial but it’s not clear how fucked old mate might be.

“I confessed to having saved those [memes], but I didn’t mean to offend anyone,”

Tip for any edgy meme lords out there: stay far away from mother Russia.

Image: Huffpost


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