House In Sydney That Had A Literal Mummified Corpse Inside It Sells For $2 Million

The Sydney housing market is absolutely hilarious if you don’t live in Sydney, but if you do it’s like witnessing a depressing meme continue to spiral out of control.

While literal shitholes can still cop a pretty penny if they’re in the right place, it’s unusual to see a house which housed a dead body to attract quite as much attention as it did. 

A house in Greenwich which was home to the body of a suspected robber was today flogged at auction for a whopping $2 million.

Apparently, the house that belonged to a hoarder and was pretty damn run down didn’t deter potential buyers because more than 200 people turned up for the auction.

The building was bought by an expat family living in Singapore, who enlisted Rob West to see out the bidding process for them. Surprisingly, old mate didn’t seem to give two shits about the house’s gory past.

“Lots of people die in old houses … every house has a history and this one is just a bit more interesting,” Mr West said.

Now, the goal is to fix it up in the short term and rent it out,  and eventually knock it all down and build some sweet juicy Sydney real-estate.


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