Shooting Victim Remembered The Right Way, Propped In A Chair With Video Games & Snacks

I’m sure when it’s time for us to go we’d all love to be remembered doing exactly what we love, and seeing as a drug-fueled bender is somewhat inappropriate for a funeral I guess we’ll settle for the next best thing: being propped up in a chair surrounded by conquered chip packets and gripping a video game controller.

Renard Matthews was unfortunately shot dead two weeks ago while walking his dog, and his cellphone was stolen from him.

His family decided to honor his memory by surrounding him with things he loves, including his PS4, a bag of Doritos and a bottle of root beer. Let’s just say that the result is somewhat macabre.

Preeeetty bloody cooked right?

Apparently, the funeral home specializes in animating dead bodies doing exactly what they loved in life, and it’s supposed to help funerals feel a little less depressing by showing them in a familiar environment.

However, if my family were to arrive at my funeral to me holding a tinnie and ripping a beug I think they’d be absolutely mortified.

Ah well, different strokes for different folks I guess.


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