Bloke Reckons He Wasn’t Drink Driving Because He Only Took Sips At Stop Signs

Remember that scene in the Simpsons where Homer is driving, gets poured a beer and to get Marge off his back only drives between sips?

Funnily enough, that’s pretty damn close to what happened with Earle Stevens Jr. from Florida, who said he couldn’t have been drink driving because he only took swigs at stop signs.

That’s right, people this stupid genuinely do exist in the world.

Old mate was caught when he drove through a Macca’s drive-through for nugs (as we all have) and continually hit the car in front of him. When cops were called, they found him with a bottle of bourbon next to him and he kept proclaiming that he “felt pretty good” like a first-year uni student at their first ever pre-drinks.

The officers noticed that while he might have only been drinking at stop signs and traffic lines, there were A LOT of stop signs and traffic lights on his route.

He measured over double the legal limit and was arrested on drink driving charges and for driving without a license.

Kids, don’t drink and drive.


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