Self-Service Beer Tap Proves The Future Is Now

Self-serve checkouts; pay-at-the-pump petrol stations; drone-operated pizza delivery– the future is a place where humans don’t have to deal with humans. As we rocket forward into the twenty-first century, more and more robots are taking our jerbs by cutting out the real-life middlemen– and the bartender could be the next one in the crosshairs.

Impatient antisocial pissheads: meet the pour-it-yourself beer tap.

Designed by English credit card company Barclaycard, the Pay@Pump beer tap is set to revolutionise the process of grabbin’ a frothy. As the name would suggest, this nifty gizmo is the boozer’s equivalent of a pay-at-the-pump petrol bowser– helping you keep your tank full on premium unleaded Toohey’s without the hassle of having to line up and ~chat~ to a bartender.

Soon it will all be as easy as stumbling drunkenly to the beer-tap, finger bashing a touchscreen and dismissively waving your card in its face until your pint glass fills up with the good stuff.

The prototype is currently being tested at a bar in central London, where it’s projected to cut down waiting times by two thirds. If all goes smoothly, then these faceless little terminators could be manning the bars at gigs and music festivals in the UK as early as next year.

How successfully the Pay@Pump would take in a police state place like Australia, however, is another matter. Responsible Service of Alcohol does seem to go down the proverbial shitter when you can simply pour yourself another pint, so unless these things are going to be accompanied by an RSA marshal at all times they may very well remain an object of science-fiction.

Still, what a time to be alive.

Feature Image: NPR
Video: Barclaycard/Mirror News
Photo: Yui Mok/PA


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