Instagram Artist Lord Birthday Will Help You Lead A Better Life

The Internet is a plentiful garden, and all its nourishing fruits ready to be plucked from the vine. Fitspiration, sun salutations, Humans Of Wherever–anyone after some cheap, bite-sized guidance on how to lead a more fulfilling existence needn’t look far in this age of social media.

But what good is a Ghandi quote for someone looking to spice up their relationship? How applicable is that Monday morning photo of a #cleaneating bircher bowl to someone whose kidneys might actually be bleeding Sambuca? Yes, that basket full of kittens is wonderful, but how long will it really alleviate the crushing nausea of the human condition?

Enter Lord Birthday.

This prophetic sketch artist/motivational magus isn’t afraid to wrestle with the big questions of everyday life, dishing up carefully crafted answers to such ever-present concerns as “How to have a successful dating life,” “Ways to escape a painful conversation” and “What to do if you see a clown in the woods”. His artworks are perceptive, profound and utterly inspiring. If there is any one beacon that can guide us through the dark and turbulent waters of 2017, it might just be Lord Birthday.














For more artistic brilliance lay your peepers on Lord Birthday’s Instagram page.

Pictures: Instagram


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