Say ‘I Love You’ With Star Wars Cards This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a farce.

The so-called ‘day of love’ is little more than a Hallmark-sponsored holiday, when you wrap all your feelings up into a handful of cliched horcruxes and give them to your spouse with the hope of receiving oral sex. That is, more or less, the layman’s definition.

But since giving presents and getting oral sex are absolutely worthwhile endeavours, far be it from us to tell you that you shouldn’t treat your other half this February 14th. You should. Go forth and conquer their heart. Sweep them off their feet. But for fucksake, show some originality would you?

Lucky for you plebs, the good folks at Yeah, Rad have all your heartfelt sentiments sorted. These Sydney-based creatives “help rad brands, people and causes tell their story in their very best voice.” And what’s the best way to tell your boyfriend, girlfriend or ‘it’s complicated’ best friend that you love their stinking guts? With Star Wars puns, obviously.

We all know there’s nothing sexier than a nerd who can turn a phrase, and these delightful Valentine’s cards are guaranteed to get those panties dropping in less than twelve parsecs. Can’t decide on just one? Porque no las dos! Yeah, Rad will do you a menage a troi for a cool $35.

Bin that box of choccies and burn that bouquet. The Force is sure to be with you this Valentine’s Day.

Feature image: Yeah, Rad / Instagram


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