Bloke On His 4th DUI Reckons The Legal Limit Discriminates Against Alcoholics

I feel like us alcoholics have been shunned by society for far too long. If we’re not being criticised for getting stuck into a few too many tins with the boys then we’re forced to stumble around like a peasant ‘cos of that pesky legal limit that’s out to get us.

Just ask Ralph Alfred Friesenhahn, who argued that the driving limit of 0.08 blood-alcohol concentration doesn’t account for the high tolerance of frequent drinkers, who are often prosecuted without proof that they had lost control of their mental or physical abilities.

… Is it just me or does that kind of make sense?

Well, the court was having absolutely none of it, calling his bullshit and saying that he can’t prove that alcoholics are not a protected class under the disabilities act… because they aren’t.

Apparently, old mate was arrested because he was three and a half times over the legal limit and caused a car to roll over, so he might not be the best one to speak on the matter.

Sammy McCrary, chief of the felony division for the Comal County criminal district attorney’s office, thinks it’s ridiculous to suggest that the law treats alcoholics differently.

“You’re not being punished for being an alcoholic. It’s the driving that’s the problem,” McCrary said. “It’s making the decision to get into a 3,000-pound vehicle … after drinking.”

And really, it’s as simple as that.



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