Russians Are Being Taught How To Smile Ahead Of The World Cup

You might have an idea that Russians are usually stout and emotionlessly people, who only smile when they’re toppling the world through rigged election or sipping on a refreshing pint of vodka.

And you’re bloody well right.

According to an ancient Russian proverb, “Laughing for no reason is a sign of stupidity” and if that doesn’t quite set the tone for the upcoming World Cup I’m not quite sure what does.

But with a whopping 1.5 million tourists expected to flood the streets as the world turns its gaze on a country that’s done a bloody good job avoiding it over the past century, Russian workers are being taught how to be more open and friendly.

Apparently, walking down the street and smiling it’s quite unusual in Russia, as there is generally not too much to be chirpy about.

According to the BBC, one woman was actually stopped by a Policeman and ordered to provide ID because she looked too happy, and therefore quite alien.

Key organisations are undergoing special training in a bid to improve their hospitality, yet I feel like Putin would benefit the most from someone telling him to cheer up.


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