In A Truly Cooked Development, Festival Punters Were Banned From Entering Despite Passing Drug Searches

You’ve probably heard about the hoo-hah surrounding Above and Beyond Festival on the weekend, and rightly so. NSW Police said that they would be banning anyone identified by the dogs as they apparently had the power to detect trace amounts of drugs.

If you’ve been to literally any festival and had a chat with a veteran cooker in line, you’d know that these dogs are actually highly unreliable and they often make mistakes… because at the end of the day they’re just dogs.

Now, a post on Sniff Off’s Facebook page – a campaign calling for the end of sniffer dogs at festivals – has shown a punter being banned for 6 months despite not even having any drugs on them.

“No one should be told to go home and slapped with asix-monthh ban just because they go out to see live music and a drug dog looked at them,” said the post.

“We are now seeking legal counsel on how to most effectively challenge this abuse of police powers and will have an update soon.”

Police have spoken out about the incident, claiming that the punter was arguing with police and that’s why they were slapped with such a lengthy ban.

However, a spokesperson for Sniff Out spoke to the bloke in question and found that they only started arguing with the police after the search was conducted, most likely because they found it unfair they were being searched despite not even having anything on them.

This combined with the news that police faked over 250,000 breathalyser tests due to “laziness” once again reiterates that coppers really aren’t interested in our safety, just their quotas.


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