Domino’s Are Fixing Potholes In An Effort To Stop Your Pizza Getting Fucked Up

Potholes are one of the most humbling things a driver can experience. You’ll be driving along, blasting music out your car at a deafening volume when all of a sudden you almost veer off the side of the road thanks to an unexpected pothole, causing you to promptly shut the fuck up and drive in silence for the next 10 minutes.

Not only do potholes ruin whatever mojo you had going, they’re well known to fuck up pizzas without any hesitation, something that spicy pizza bois Domino’s were quick to rectify.

They’ve locked in a couple of towns in the States, and are doing their best to fix the shitty state of the roads. Partnering with local administrations, the project Paving For Pizza will look to improve local infrastructure so pizzas can arrive safely at their destination.

It’s a pretty strange world when local governments have to partner with a bloody ‘uge corporation in order to get the funding to improve the local community but hey, who am I to question capitalism.

I mean, it’s pretty damn obvious that this is all a massive PR effort to show Dominoes’ socially conscious side, but at the end of the day if a few roads get improved that’s a victory for motor vehicle users everywhere.

Have a gander at the video below, hopefully, this leads to the Australian chain picking up the slack and improving a few neighborhoods.


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