Report Shows That Vic Cops Faked A Fuckload Of Breathalyser Tests, Which Is A Bit Crook

In case you needed any further confirmation that the majority of police work is mainly concerned with revenue raising and meeting quotas, then boy oh boy do I have some news for you.

An internal investigation conducted by the Victorian Police Department reveals that officers have falsified over 258,463  alcohol breath tests during the last 5½ years, according to The Age.

That figure represents about 1.5% of the 17.7 million tests conducted during that time, and it’s believed that officers were blowing into the breatho’s themselves due to laziness and the need to meet targets.

Firstly, the idea that there are legitimate targets that need to be reached by police officers is hugely problematic in itself, seeing a public service as a business is one of the reasons that other countries (*cough* America *cough*) are so cooked.

The Transport Accident Commission was the first to raise concerns due to finding an anomaly in the data, which prompted a bloody ‘uge audit of the last 5 or so years.

It was discovered that the false tests were happening quickly after one another, which was strange because normally a copper has a bit of a chat with the driver before moving on to the next car.

It’s hard to pin down the culprits exactly, as individualised breathalysers aren’t used by officers. But rest assured, apparently these practices aren’t used at large RBT’s and the like.

Looking forward, they’ve promised to ensure regular audits and cracking down on officers who look to tamper with results.

It’s pretty trash when a job that can essentially be summarised as “helping and protecting the general public” does something that breaches trust in such a disrespectful manner, but at the end of the day, is it really all that surprising?


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