A 12 Y.O Was Given Gin And Squash On A Flight And Now His Grandma’s Out For Revenge

Alcohol on planes is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it allows you to completely forget that you’re flying 3000+ meters high in an aluminium tube, but it also leaves you in the difficult position of needing to piss every 5 minutes and being unable to do anything remotely interesting while sloshed.

One woman, identified as Debra Pettigrove by the Courier Mail, is reportedly kicking the shit over a flight to Bali six months ago where her 12-year-old grandchild was given a sip of the ol’ gin and juice instead of the PG version.

Apparently, as drinks were being brought around there was a splash of turbulence, causing the cabin crew to mix up the drinks. The adult passenger who originally ordered the drink gave it a taste test and said it was fine, but Pettigrove’s grandchild had actually copped something a bit stronger than cordial.

“Dean said ‘this tastes yuck’. I thought it must have been lo-cal squash or something … the furthest thing from my mind was that it had alcohol in it.

“I had a swig and, no joke, it burnt my throat — it tasted like metho (methylated spirits). I thought, ‘what the hells is this?’ I went straight for the head guy (cabin steward) and said ‘what in God’s name is in this drink? Get me a water ASAP.

“Dean had a bad reaction — he gets hayfever and couldn’t stop sneezing for four or five hours on the flight.

“He had a headache and was in a lot of discomfort. It was terrible.”


Yeah, look… I certainly wasn’t knocking back tins to the degree that I am today when I was 12, but you bet your arse having a sip of gin wouldn’t cause me to be a little bitch for the next 5 hours.

A Jetstar spokesperson said that the incident had already been resolved through giving the family $400 worth of vouchers, but evidently ol’ mate Debbie is keen on milking it for all it’s worth.

“We are in contact with a family after a mix-up of drinks occurred on a flight six months ago which resulted in a child having a few sips of an adult customer’s drink.

“There was never any mention of the boy feeling unwell on the flight so we’re surprised by the claims now being made by Ms Pettigrove and her lawyers.”

She now reckons it’s only fair that she gets a free flight to any destination she chooses, but honestly, cop the free drink on the chin and chill the hell out.


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