Pizzeria With Weirdly Specific Dress Code Accused Of Racism

As a rule, I tend to avoid places that enforce dress codes. Partly because I don’t think it’s cool to restrict and segregate people based on what they’re wearing, partly because I once rocked up to a club with white Vans that were dirtier than a veteran porn star and was promptly rejected.

While dress codes aren’t exactly popular, it’s completely up to the venue whether they choose to enforce them and most of the time we just have to slap on a button-up shirt and try and look extra sober while the door staff decide what to do with us.

However, one restaurant’s absolutely cooked dress code is getting slated for its extremely specific requirements and supposed racial undertones. Bottled Blonde’s dress code recently made an appearance on the r/Chicago subreddit posted with the comment “Apparently Bottled Blond wants only Gap patrons.”

One user points out that if the code is considered on a case by case and changing your appearance once denied has no effect then it clearly isn’t about the dress code at all. Another said that “Banning Jordans but allowing Vans and Chucks is about as close as you can get to saying ‘no black people’ without actually saying it.”

Amongst the many, MANY articles of clothing that will get your arse kicked out of there quicker than you can say “Mama Mia!”, the restaurant doesn’t allow “Excessively baggie, sagging, ripped, dirty, frayed, overly flashy or bright clothing,” “No embellishments or statement jackets, shirts, beanies or hats,” “No plain white tees, long tees, denim, flanel  (not even around one’s waist) or zippers on shirts,” “No shearling, fur, leather, jean jackets, short sleeve hoodies or overly long hoodies,” “No overalls, cargo, bleached, stone, acid washed, odd colored or leather pants,’

So yeah, a pretty extensive list.

Bottled Blonde has already endured a number of what some would call ‘unsavoury’ PR incidents. Last October, police were called to the establishment after a bloke with a gun had to break up a fight in one of the bathrooms. It might just be me, but I don’t think a restaurant whose customers have to take up arms as vigilantes have any place being snobby with the dress code.

They’ve also faced hella disciplinary hearings over unruly patrons and the City of Chicago is trying to get the venues liquor license removed.

Perhaps they should stick to stopping random fights breaking out in their bathrooms and let people enjoy a pizza in whatever bright/plain/baggy clothes they want to.

Source and Image: Munchies


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