Man On The Run From Police For 24 Years Caught After Running Red Light

Driving violations are the bane of my very existence. What could be a perfect day is quickly turned to shit when you open the mail and realise that going 4 kilometres an hour over the limit while driving down a hill is gonna cost you more than a week’s worth of groceries.

While copping a speeding fine or parking ticket is fairly terrible in itself, take comfort in the fact that at least it didn’t lead to your arrest after hiding from the police for a staggering 24 years.

A 63-year-old Taiwanese man, known only by the surname of Chang, was recently arrested for running a red light after hiding from the police for more than two decades. Apparently, old mate was caught just one year before the statute of limitations on his alleged fraud charges ran out. Unlucky.

When he was pulled over, Chang initially gave police a fake ID number, but officers cottoned on pretty quickly that something was up when they realised the picture didn’t match the fella sitting in front of them at all. When asked again, Chang pretended to faint but ended up banging his head on the floor, started bleeding and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

On further questioning, it was revealed that Chang was a criminal wanted on suspicion of forging securities since 1993. On top of that, he had a number of other fraud charges and will now have to cop out over $7,000 to pay for the medical bills he got from pretending to faint.

So there you go kids, respect the road rules and nothing bad will ever happen to you.


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