Perth Sparky Skips Work For Golf, Chucks Phone In Chip Packet To Hide Location

Some life hacks are better than others.

You could freeze grapes so that ice doesn’t water down your wine, or cut onions under running water to avoid weeping like a child. But to what extent are those things really going to improve your life? Are cold grapes going to get you out of a day’s work? Is a wet onion going to liberate you from the soul-sucking cycle of your nine-to-five?

Maybe, somehow. A person’s creativity knows no bounds where having a cheeky day off is concerned. But if you really want to stick it to The Man, you’d do well to take a leaf out of an Australian sparky’s book and stick your phone inside a packet of chips.

Over the course of two years, a Perth electrician – let’s call him Keith – skipped work and hit the golf course on more than 140 different occasions. That’s an impressive amount of time spent golfing when you should be working. And, until quite recently, Keith got away with it.

Image: Flickr / Adrian Tritschler CC0)

How? Well, as I said, by putting his phone – or more specifically, his ‘personal digital assistant’: a phone-like device with a GPS inside – in a chip packet. Apparently, the foil packaging acted as a kind of ‘Faraday cage’: blocking any electromagnetic signals from reaching the device, and thus preventing Keith’s employers from ascertaining his precise whereabouts.

And at no point, apparently, did said employers think it strange that Keith had dropped off the grid entirely. It wasn’t until an anonymous grasser, a good-for-nothing snitch, sent a letter to his employers saying he’d been playing golf at least once a week (with golf club records included) that they decided to give him the flick.

The Fair Work Commission ruled last week that Keith had been fairly sacked. The use of the foil packaging was mischievous, said Commissioner Bernie Riordan, and it clearly showed the man did not want his movements to be tracked.

Source: ABC News
Feature image: Ship Sticks


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