Anti-Gay Group Tries To ‘Counter The LGBT Agenda’ With A Very Fabulous Dance

It’s been said that the media should not shine a spotlight on the things that anti-gay hate groups say and do: that to give them such a platform at all is to only broadcast their homophobic rhetoric and perpetuate the problem. And this is mostly true.

Mostly, with a few exceptions. For example: when an anti-gay protestor takes to the stage at an anti-gay conference in front of an audience of anti-gay ignoramuses, brandishing rainbow flags, and proceeds to perform an extremely fabulous interpretive dance to the triumphant music of Christian singer Matthew West, the media should not look away. It’s hard to know what exactly is to be made of the five minute video below – but all dramatic irony aside, this homophobe knows how to dance.

“I don’t know what he’s doing actually,” says the chairman of the ‘Countering a LGBT Agenda’ conference in Texas as he introduces the performance. He is stuttering, unsure of himself. Completely unaware of the rainbow-coloured maelstrom he’s about to release onto the stage. “That’s why I’m hesitating. I haven’t heard it yet, but it may be a pretty neat thing to do to kick off today.”

Neat indeed. The button-down businessman starts thing off pretty slow, lightly swooping his flags through the air like a butterfly gently unfolding its wings. And then he takes flight.

This is his moment. All those hours of practice in front of the mirror at home, all those weeks spent smuggling giant rainbow flags around in his backpack, all culminating, here, on this stage, in front of a crowd of like-minded individuals. His time to shine at last! Take that, LGBT agenda!

MassResistance, the organisation behind the event, is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and has previously praised laws that aim to criminalise gay sex. Clearly, in a move to ‘counter the LGBT agenda’, these nasty pieces of work are attempting to reclaim the art of interpretive dance. And rainbow flags. And pure unmitigated pizzazz.

In any case, the nature of the performance has caused a bit of confusion.


Source: Newsweek


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