Mentioning Food In Your Dating Bio Will Increase Your Chances Of Matching By Up To 144%

It’s a hard life out there in the world of online dating. With so many girls and guys competing to see who can have the most debaucherous sex, it can be pretty difficult to separate yourself from the fodder and really shine.

Well, lucky for you sad saps the answer to finding your tinderella or tinderfella might actually be much simpler than you thought. Apparently, mentioning food in your bio or throughout the conversation with prospective partners can have a big impact on your success rate.

Online dating website Zoosk analysed 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages to figure out how successful mentioning different foods is in the online dating scene.

It turns out the chucking a cheeky mention of any food is likely to help, with foods like potatoes, guacamole, and chocolate garnering the best results.


Calling yourself a foodie helps as well, it was found that bios containing the word “foodie” received 82% more messages while those who mentioned that they cooked had a 26% increase.

You don’t want to be that random wanker who just spews on about food though. Mentioning food in the very first interaction actually didn’t result in too many more replies than if you were to lead with something else.

If you’re heading out on a date, be careful. The study found that 23% of online daters weren’t keen on a meal of wings and ribs. Which seems strange, because I couldn’t think of a better way of introducing yourself to a date than while wearing a rib and dripping in barbecue sauce.



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