Passenger Denied On Flights After Wearing 10 Layers Of Clothing To Avoid Luggage Fee

Every time I step up to the check-in desk at an airport I always have an action plan in my head if for some reason my luggage weighs too much. The action plan includes panicking, verbally assaulting those around me, and hurriedly throwing on layers and layers at a time before airport security can get to me.

Thankfully, I’ve never had to initiate that action plan, but after hearing what happened to one fella flying from Iceland to London, I don’t think I should even bother.

Ryan Carney Williams, who inexplicably goes by the name Ryan Hawaii, was supposed to fly from Keflavik airport on Wednesday but was denied his boarding pass after he chucked on all the clothes that wouldn’t fit in his suitcase.

Ryan quickly took to social media to call out British Airways, claiming that the incident took place due to his race and that he was only wearing the layers as he literally couldn’t afford to get home.

When airport staff began to feel threatened, they called a security guard. Ryan claims that a little while later, police arrived, sprayed him with mace and restrained him on the ground.

He came back the next day after telling the police his story and booking with EasyJet, another airline. Yet again Ryan was denied on the flight because of what happened the previous day.

So here he was, stuck in Iceland with no money and no luggage because his suitcase had been successfully checked and sent to England. Eventually, he managed to snag a flight on a Norwegian airline and made it back to the UK.

British Airways are adament that the incident had absolutely nothing to do with race:

“The decision to deny boarding was absolutely not based on race. We do not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour from any customer, and will always take the appropriate action.”

It was pretty strange that Ryan felt the need to bring race into this at all, it’s not really hard to see where the airport is coming from and they can’t exactly allow someone to bend the rules so brazenly.

Moreover, bringing race into an incident where it’s not needed delegitimises actual cases of racism, and can lead to people not taking it as seriously.

Ryan was eventually refunded, which goes to show that if something doesn’t go your way, complain about it on social media until it does.

Source: The Telegraph


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