KFC Are Making Gravy Cocktails Now So Excuse Me While I Vomit

If you ever needed any further proof that we’ve strayed way too far from God’s light, then just have a gander at the latest marketing stunt from everyone’s favourite artery clogger, KFC.

Not content with flogging fried chicken scented candles and bath bombs, the fast food powerhouse is now capitalising on the new trend of “stockails”, which are cocktails made with a savoury broth or sauce to enhance the flavours.

KFC decided to put their own twist (or depending on how much you like gravy, absolutely butcher) three classic cocktail recipes: The Gravy Mary, The Finger Lickin’ Sour, and The Southern Twist.

“Our fans repeatedly express their love for our gravy, which always sparks ideas within the team. We know our gravy is good enough to drink – so with stocktails being a real hit at the moment, what better ingredient to take them to the next level?” said Marion Racine, marketing manager at KFC UK & Ireland.

Patrick, the expert mixologist responsible for getting us all into this mess, reckons that the trick is to strike a perfect balance between all flavour profiles.

“For example, the Kentucky bourbon in The Southern Twist brings mellow, sweet spice notes to stand up against the savoury gravy,” he explained.

“The herbal note of parsley on the rim brightens the sip with the brown sugar softening the kick of bourbon and uniting the flavours.”

If you feel like glugging down some nice warm gravy, you can squizz the recipes here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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